why use it?

What DiD Connect Offers

Strong Security

Keeps documents safe with blockchain, ensuring they're always reliable

Rapid Verification

Can verify each block fast, no matter where you are

Cost Efficient

Hassle-free management without additional labor costs

DiD Connect Usage

Health Care

Hospitals can partner with us to keep health records safe and easy to access. Stored on the blockchain, records can't be altered, and any changes are logged. Patients can share all their past records with a single QR code, giving them more control.

Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Registry of Motor Vehicles can join us to issue registrations on blockchain. This system maintains records of both vehicles and licensed individuals efficiently.

Educational Institution

Education institutes can join us to securely store documents like degrees on blockchain. Each document is linked to the individual it's awarded to. Other institutes and individuals can connect to verify or share documents instantly.


Immigration authorities can partner with us to issue visas using blockchain technology. This eliminates fake visa problems and provides easy access to past visa records with just one click.